Monday, September 27, 2010

Snug as a Bug

Well the little one must be comfy and cozy in her little nest because it seems as if she's not vacating it anytime soon! I'm not officially due until this Thursday, the 30th, so she's not late or anything...yet. But I just have a feeling this little gal is going to take her sweet time. At a risk of providing way too much info, the doctor said last week that I was 70% effaced but not dilated. I had to google to find out what the heck that means but I read that most first time mommies will efface before dilating. So...back to the doctor this Wednesday to see if we've made any progress! Uncle Heyburn was really hoping to share his birthday with little Alice, but today is his birthday so it's not looking too promising. Sorry, Uncle Heybs! We can still shoot for a shared birthday with Uncle Mike or Mimi since both are the first week in October. Guess we will see!

Actually, it's been kind of a blessing that Alice hasn't arrived yet. Week before last, my grandmommy fell while we were having lunch and broke her hip. After being in the hospital for a week, she has now moved to a rehab facility so she can get back up and at 'em soon. My mom has been in Louisville with her ever since she fell, so she asked Alice for a few extra days to let the chaos subside a little. Guess Alice is just listening to her Mimi and trying to make things a little easier on everyone!

But we're ready whenever she does decide to join us! Her room is ready, car seat is installed, our bags are packed, etc. So now we just wait.....

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