Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving right along...

Things are going great so far with my little jumping bean. I’m 24 weeks today. Only 16 or so more weeks to go, depending on when little Alice decides to make her debut. It still seems like a long time to wait to see our little lamb, but I know it’ll fly by. She’s growing like crazy from what I read and I can really feel her moving around in there now. She’s a busy little bee and moves around A LOT. She’s a little slow to rise in the morning (aren’t we all), but then really gets cranking when I get to work. We usually have a good morning chat over my yogurt at my desk. Her favorite time seems to be around midnight. If I’m asleep I don’t notice it really, but if I’m awake I always feel her having a little midnight party. I read that the sleeping patterns they have in the womb are usually their sleeping patterns out in the real world. Joey already called dibs on the midnight party session…except I’m not so sure he has the appropriate “party favors” that the little one will be looking for. I’m pretty sure only Mommy will be able to bring the midnight snacks. But we shall see!

We have made some progress on her nursery, but still have a long way to go. Who am I kidding; we have no furniture, haven’t painted and have no clue what to do in there. But hey, we do have some bedding! She may be using that beautiful, colorful bedding inside of a dresser drawer if her parents can’t get their tushies in gear. We are planning to go pick out furniture this weekend. We (well, I) wanted to paint the walls a coral, salmon-ish color, but after painting a little sample it seemed to be a bit much. We tried a green and it looked like someone rubbed guacamole all over the walls (which then of course lead to a Mexican craving). So we don’t really know what to do. Salmon or guacamole? Neither option is really tickling my fancy at this point, so it’s back to the drawing board I guess.

Not sure if yall have noticed but it’s HOT outside. Everyone warned me that I would feel hot all the time once I got to a certain point in my pregnancy and they were right. One day a few weeks ago, m y office was around 80 degrees, the AC was acting up in my car AND at the house. It was like 85 degrees everywhere I went. Looking back now, it makes me laugh but I literally thought I was going to die. It was the day I got my first cankle. Needless to say we got the AC in the car and at the house fixed right away. I totally pulled out the pregnancy card, too. “Um yes hi, I need someone to come fix our air today please, I don’t care what it costs, it’s really hot in our house and I’m pregnant and now I have a cankle and we need help please…like today”. Thank goodness a woman answered the phone at this AC service place; it was fixed within a couple of hours. Score!

But the little lady and I are doing great. Nothing but good news from the doctor, which is always a huge relief. When we had an ultrasound about a month ago, they said she has long legs. Not sure where those come from, but we love it. We just can’t wait to see her! I’m just so ancy to give her a smooch and a squeeze. Sometimes I just get out her tiny clothes and tiny diapers and just parade them around the house. So weird I know but all this miniature stuff of hers is just so stinkin’ cute!

I’ll try to post some pics of little Alice soon!

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